4 ways the Scotch Bonnet Pepper can benefit your health

Sure, they can help spice up your food, but there are other health benefits to eating the Scotch Bonnet Pepper. This smoky, almost fruit-like pepper is a favorite when it comes to turning up the heat at mealtime. But there are also some real health benefits to the Scotch Bonnet. In fact, there are four good, healthy reasons to start incorporating the pepper into your diet.

Weight control

The first has to do with winning the battle of the bulge. The Scotch Bonnet pepper is full of capsaicin. In the past, researchers have found capsaicin can help reduce the build-up of excess body fat. While exercise and eating healthy is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, it seems adding some Scotch Bonnet peppers at mealtime may also help.

Reduced cancer risk

Another benefit for capsaicin may be in helping to reduce the risk of cancer. It’s being studied to find out. Capsaicin found in the pepper’s flesh has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Researchers have seen some positive results with peppers when it comes to combating pancreatic, breast and bladder cancer.

Treatment of pain

If you suffer from certain types of pain, the Scotch Bonnet may help, too. Again, capsaicin is the key. It’s said the capsaicin found in Scotch Bonnet peppers may be able to help treat things like rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pain, headaches, inflammatory heat and diabetic neuropathy.

Preventing bad breath

It may not be the biggest health concern out there, but bad breath can certainly be annoying. Eating hot peppers is said to help combat bad breath.

Of course, be careful. Some of the hot pepper powders and extracts out there are extremely potent. You need to follow the directions by using them in small amounts and only as a food additive or as directed on the label.

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