Want to lose weight? Try one of these easy ways to add cayenne pepper to your diet


By now you’ve probably tried all the tricks out there for losing weight.

What if you could add something to your diet instead of just taking everything away? Sounds easy, right? It gets even better. What if you could add in something you’re already craving and sit back as it does some of the hard work for you? It’s not exactly a magic pill, but it probably feels like one. We’re talking about putting some cayenne pepper in your diet. Several studies have looked at the impact of eating hot peppers and hot pepper products, and the results look pretty positive if you’re trying to cut down on calories and give your metabolism a real boost.

If you’re trying to lose weight, consider the heat scale. Cayenne peppers are packed with capsaicin. Researchers believe peppers that rank higher on the Scoville scale not only deliver a bigger punch, but they may also help with weight loss. That’s because the high heat level makes your body’s temperature rise, you start burning more calories and you feel fuller.

When you don’t feel hungry anymore, you’re also probably less likely to keep snacking.

There are plenty of easy ways to add cayenne pepper to your diet. You can cook with the pepper or add powdered cayenne to a protein shake or smoothie. You don’t need a ton of it to get the benefits, either. Start with a smaller dose to make sure you’re not overdoing it on the hot scale. You can also try a capsaicin supplement. One of the easiest ways of all, though, is just to add some cayenne to a dish you already enjoy. Spice up a Mexican dish, chili, a stew or curry with a splash of pepper. But remember, you don’t have to go overboard. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

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