6 reasons why cayenne pepper is one of the world’s healthiest spices


From cooking to pain relief...

Reaching for some cayenne pepper can be a great, healthy choice. In fact, there are six good reasons why cayenne pepper is likely one of the world’s healthiest spices.

Immunity boost

First of all, cayenne peppers can help boost your immunity. This means they may be able to help fight off illnesses and infections.


The capsaicin in cayenne peppers can also help with blood circulation. This is because eating it can help raise your body’s temperature.


If you’re in need of pain relief, you may want to try capsaicin, too.  The fiery hot compound in peppers can help block inflammation and potentially block the nerve signals that send pain signals to your brain. You can try adding in some cayenne pepper to your food at mealtime or you could also take it as a supplement.


If you have arthritis, you may be able to use capsaicin to your advantage, as well. Just like it helps with certain types of pain, some say capsaicin can help with arthritis. It’s likely that the capsaicin is able to reduce inflammation of the joints, which is what causes swelling and pain with arthritis.


If you’re dealing with unwanted acne, you may be able to use capsaicin, too. Some studies have shown promise in the topical application of capsaicin to help reduce acne and clear up pores.

When it comes to capsaicin, it sounds like it’s better to use it in small doses over a longer period of time. Some believe this is a smarter alternative to using one large dose in one setting. It’s also easier to handle the fiery hot of the heat scale. In other words, try a little cayenne pepper with your next meal. You’ll thank us for the taste, and it may possibly even help boost your health.

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