Avoid the Extra Salt with Spice


If you want to cut down on the extra salt,

You may want to reach for some extra spice at mealtime. Numerous studies out there point to the need for reducing your salt intake, especially as you age. Having too much salt in your diet can increase your risk of a stroke or even a heart attack. If you’re worried about losing out on the extra flavor, there may be a simple solution.

Researchers out of Washington say,

It may be possible for older adults to avoid salt by adding a pinch of spice. They involved a few dozen older people in their study, which took a closer look at salt perception. In the study, participants were given a white sauce that contained different amounts of salt, as well as some with added seasonings and spices. They found people had a hard time distinguishing between high sodium and low sodium foods when they added in a small amount of chipotle seasoning. They also tried adding things like coarse ground pepper, garlic powder and basil leaves, but did not end up with the same results as chipotle seasoning. In most cases, people were able to easily tell the difference.

They wanted to study older adults

Because your sense of smell and taste weaken as you age. When people are no longer able to sense salty flavors as easily, they may end up sprinkling on too much salt. This, in turn, could lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers say they’re already planning another, larger study involving different levels of salt, as well as some other spice and herb combinations. For now, though, the study shows extra spice may be a possible solution for those who want to add more flavor to their meals, but not necessarily overdo it with extra salt. It seems beyond just extra flavor, tapping into the spice scale could have all kinds of benefits.

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