Can Hot Sauce Make You Sexier?

Don’t laugh at the title… Can hot sauce make you sexier? 

Obviously, you become immediately more attractive as soon as you pull a bottle of 357 Mad Dog out of your pocket.  Everyone knows that.

All jokes aside, hot sauces may just have the power to create a sexier new you.  Capsaicin, the compound found in chilies that give the hot sauce its heat, comes with plenty of benefits.  And, most of these are going to make you one of the most attractive people you’ve ever known.

Chilies Can Raise Your Libido

– Spicy foods, in general, are known to increase a person’s sex drive and increase their libido.  And, capsaicin also triggers natural feelings of happiness.  So, not only are you likely to perform better in bed, you may even enjoy it a little more.  Wow, there is clearly nothing more sensual than that is there?  If just a little spice can do all that, then you may as well go all the way by getting the hottest hot sauces you can get your hands on, like the 357 Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition.

Capsaicin Is Great for Your Heart

– Okay, it’s good for the physical thump-thumping of your heart, not your metaphorically emotional heart, but who says these are mutually exclusive?  Capsaicin has been shown to stimulate the healthy flow of blood through your system.  It also works to strengthen your arteries that may even reduce your chance of a heart attack.  Just add a few drops of 357 Mad Dog Ghost Pepper to every meal and watch as you’re suddenly able to increase your stamina.  And that’s pretty darn sexy.

Hot Sauce May Deter Ulcers

– It’s a strange old wives tale that chilies and hot sauces can give you ulcers because of their heat.  In fact, the exact opposite may actually be true.  Chili peppers are used to treat peptic ulcers in Ayurvedic therapies.  They also slow the growth of H.pylori, which is a bacterium that causes some types of ulcers.  While that may not sound remarkably sexy, just think of the converse – are stomach pains and ulcers ever attractive?  And do they ever make you feel confident and attractive?  We think not.

Capsaicin Stimulates Weight Loss

– Not everyone has a few pounds they want to shed, but everyone has the desire to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  Sauces like 357 Mad Dog Scorpion sand pepper extracts like the 357 Mad Dog Revenge Habanero and Pepper Extract may just help you achieve that exactly.  Consuming these sauces stimulates a thermogenic process that immediately transforms some of the food you eat into heat.  Capsaicin is also known to increase your metabolism and to reduce cravings.  If you have a bit of extra weight, then chilies can make you look and feel sexier than ever.

The Hottest Hot Sauces May Prevent Cancer

– Laboratory tests have demonstrated that doses of capsaicin have caused prostate cancer cells to commit suicide – without any adverse effects on the healthy cells next to them.  Scientists are continuing to research the healing powers of capsaicin, but you should do anything you can to prevent the big C from infecting your body.  After all, there is nothing sexier than a long and healthy life.  So, get yourself a bottle of Mad Dog and use it liberally – you won’t be sorry.

And, on top of all this, anyone who keeps a small collection of Mad Dog hot sauces or pepper extracts on hand is always going to be sexier than anyone else.

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