Which is Healthier? Chili Peppers vs All Other Fruits and Veggies


A lot of people think that the only thing going for a little chili pepper is how incredibly spicy it is.

Chilies are filled with essential vitamins and minerals and often tend to contain more health benefits than its popular competitors.

Here is a list of chili peppers vs popular fruits and veggies in the ultimate health standoff!

  • Jalapeño vs Orange: The Jalapeño has 177% Vitamin C, the orange has 85%. Jalapeño is the winner! Vitamin C is essential for the repair, growth, and development of all body tissues. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Jalapeños are also high in Vitamin B-6 (20%) and Vitamin A (19%).
  • Cayenne Pepper vs. Watermelon: The Cayenne Pepper has 44% Vitamin A and the Watermelon has 31%. Cayenne is the winner! Vitamin A promotes healthy bones, reproduction, and a strong immune system. It also can help maintain good vision and helps the skin to repel bacteria.
  • Serrano Pepper vs. Banana: The Serrano pepper has a 25% B-6 vitamin, the banana as 21%. Serrano is the winner! Vitamin B-6 helps to convert food into energy and also is an essential vitamin for hair, skin, and the liver. The serrano pepper is a source of fiber (15%), Vitamin A (19%), and Vitamin C (78%).
  • Poblano pepper vs. Raisins: The Poblano pepper has 10% iron and a raisin has 4%. The poblano pepper is the winner! Iron helps to metabolize protein and help eradicate different forms of fatigue. The poblano pepper is also a source of Vitamin A (69%) and Vitamin B-6 (30%). In another close race, the poblano pepper mildly loses to the Banana in potassium with 410mg vs the banana 422 mg.
  • Chipotle pepper vs. Avocado: the chipotle pepper has 88mg of Magnesium, the avocado has 42 mg. Magnesium helps to maintain muscle and nerve function. It also relaxes muscles and helps with recovery. It helps to normalize blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • Habanero pepper vs. Cucumber: the habanero pepper has 128mg of potassium, the cucumber has 76mg. Habanero is the winner! Potassium helps to control stress and anxiety and enhance muscle strength.

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