Could a spicy meal help lower the risk of high blood pressure?

Millions of people deal with problems associated with high blood pressure

But could adjusting what you eat at mealtime make a difference? In particular, could adding some extra spice to your diet help lower the risk of high blood pressure? That’s an interesting concept to test out, because herbs and spices have been used in different medicines for centuries. According to some research, the medicinal properties of certain spices and herbs can help decrease your blood pressure. Other reports suggest people are less likely to have to deal with hypertension if they eat spicy foods. That’s obviously good news for those who love spicy food and taste-testing their way up the Scoville Scale. Countless reports suggest eating extra spice not only helps flavor your food but may also bring about some real help benefits. It seems some spices may also help with your blood pressure.

Of course, if you have high blood pressure you really should make a visit to your doctor.

They may want you to use medicine to help bring it down. However, it’s possible to help manage hypertension by making some easy diet changes. Foods high in salt and saturated fats probably aren’t what you should be looking for. Instead, consider adding in some healthy fruits and veggies, as well as some healthy fats. The way you prepare your food can also make a difference. Nutritionists say using certain herbs and spices when cooking instead of salt will likely help with high blood pressure. Using them may also make you less likely to add salt at the table because the food is already flavorful.

Turmeric is a good choice because it has anti-inflammatory substances and its rich with antioxidants. Cinnamon can also help with high blood pressure because eating it helps stimulate the production of nitric oxide. It also enhances the taste of food. It’s said basil can help your blood vessels relax.

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