The top 10 benefits of jalapenos

Sure, they spice up any meal, but it turns out there are a number of other great reasons to eat jalapenos.

From headache help to wrinkles, here are the top 10 benefits:

1.Weight loss

To begin with, jalapenos can help if you’re trying to lose weight. A diet high in capsaicin, which is what gives peppers that extra kick, can help boost your metabolism. A higher metabolism gives you a better chance at losing weight.

2. Digestion

Along the same lines, it may also help with digestion. It’s said capsaicin helps food move through your digestive system at a faster rate. This could mean less of a problem with bloating and indigestion.

3. Immune system boost

Spicy food can also help give your immune system a boost. This could mean lowering your chance of upper respiratory tract infections, like colds.

4. Fresher breath

Jalapenos can additionally help promote fresh breath. When you consume capsaicin, it decreases the fluid in your mouth. Less saliva likely means fresher breath, because excess saliva often leads to bad breath.

5. Wrinkles

Hot peppers could also mean fewer wrinkles. Some capsaicin creams are used to treat signs of aging, including wrinkles.

6. Healing wounds

Speaking of your skin, capsaicin has antibacterial properties. This can be helpful in preventing infections and sometimes even healing wounds.

7. Blood clots

Another bonus is that spicy foods, like hot peppers, may be able to help protect against blood clots. Capsaicin can prevent platelets from sticking together, which can sometimes lead to clotting in your arteries and veins.

8. Relief from muscle aches

Eating jalapenos may actually help relieve some muscle aches, too. You could see a dulling of the pain or even an absence of pain after eating hot things.

9. Pregnancy help

Pregnant women may also benefit from jalapenos. It’s said they may help prevent morning sickness, stop diarrhea and help with digestion.

10. Migraine help

Some scientists also think capsaicin can help with migraines. Some think it could be helpful in treating or even preventing migraines in the future.

For all of these benefits and more, you may want to think about taking a journey up the pepper heat scale by incorporating more hot peppers and hot pepper products into your diet.

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