How to Heat Things Up When the Temperature Drops

The fall season is here, and we all know that means winter is right around the corner.

However, just because the temperature’s dropping, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the impending onslaught of Old Man Winter. No matter whether you’re looking forward to counting leaves on the ground or inches of snow, there’s still plenty of time to start planning out ways to stay toasty on the inside, even when the outside temperature says otherwise.

If you’re looking for a quick fix that doesn’t require extra layers of clothing or even turning up the thermostat, you may just want to start out the season right by sampling a new round of potential favorite flavors when it comes to hot sauce. Not only can you use the time to expand your taste buds, but also for the simple joy of warming up. Hot sauce is full of spice because those peppers are packed with capsaicin. That’s the hot stuff that gives peppers and hot sauce such a boost of fiery hot flavor. The thing about capsaicin is that while it may feel at times like it’s almost setting your mouth on fire, it is indeed warming you up on the inside by raising your body’s core temperature. That’s because the compound kicks off something called thermogenesis, causing your cells to start converting energy into heat. Your body temperature goes up and your metabolism increases.

Hot sauce and hot peppers can certainly get your heart pumping!

Of course, not all peppers and hot sauce are created the same. If you truly want to warm up when the cold weather strikes, you’ll want to work your way up the heat scale over time until you reach one of the super hot sauces. After all, there’s no reason to get the winter blues when you can hang on to extreme heat all year ‘round.

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