Need a mood boost? The growing list of health benefits tied to hot

If you need a mood boost you may want to try adding more chili peppers to your diet.

It’s just one of the health benefits researchers say may be tied to spicing up mealtime. Researchers have discovered chili peppers may help with your mental health because capsaicin seems to have a positive effect on things like depression. Some people actually say they feel happier after eating hot peppers. It’s just one possible health benefit in a growing list of benefits that may come from eating hot peppers. In other studies, researchers have found a regular diet of chili peppers helps decrease the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The same may go for your risk of dying from stroke.


This may be tied to the anti-inflammatory effects of capsaicin.

If that’s not enough, consider the possible dietary impact of eating hot peppers. Other research seems to suggest the capsaicin in hot peppers helps with weight loss. The addition of more spice in your diet appears to increase the rate of digestion and increase how much energy you burn. Others claim when they feel a bit under the weather, hot spicy food helps clear up their sinuses fast. Whether it’s an actual health improvement or just a mood boost, hot peppers are being closely studied for all kinds of potential benefits.

It may sound a little too easy, but you can always try adding more hot peppers to your diet and see how you feel. The great news is the pepper scale varies widely, so you have plenty of opportunities to either move up the scale or down, depending on your own personal preferences for spicy food. There are a large number of products to choose from on the hot pepper scale, so you’re sure to find the right amount of spice to lift your mood, and possibly even your health.

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