How to soothe the aches and pains with capsaicin-infused Aspercreme

A lot of people deal with occasional aches and pains from time to time

If you’re suffering from minor aches and pains or even arthritis, you may be looking for something to soothe your troubles. There’s an over-the-counter product called Aspercreme that’s commonly used to treat things like:

  • Minor aches & pains
  • Backache
  • Muscle strains & sprains
  • Sore/pulled muscles

Aspercreme is a topical pain reliever that you use directly on your skin. While the name implies it comes only in a cream, it sometimes also comes in a spray, a gel, a patch or even a roll-on. It comes with different formulations, too. Each type has an active ingredient that helps relieve pain. The original Aspercreme contains an active ingredient similar to aspirin, but another type uses capsaicin. Of course, we all known that’s the active ingredient found in hot chili peppers. When you eat a hot pepper that’s high on the Scoville scale or use a hot pepper product, you likely immediately sense the heat. It’s a similar type of sensation with capsaicin-infused Aspercreme, except this time it slightly warms your skin.

Aspercreme with capsaicin comes in the form of a patch or a gel.

Just like hot peppers, though, you don’t want to get any Aspercreme in your eyes or your nose. You also don’t want to use a large amount of it, and you certainly don’t want to use it on skin that’s wounded, damaged or irritated in any way. When you use Aspercreme with capsaicin there are some other considerations, as well.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after using it
  • Keep the area out of direct heat/sunlight
  • Stop using 1 hour before shower/bath
  • Don’t use it in the folds of your skin
  • If under 18, pregnant or nursing, talk to your doctor before using it
  • Don’t use more frequently than directed

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