Relieving Toothaches

Ugh! Toothaches can be so painful and who has time for the pain?

While you’re waiting to get an appointment with your dentist, a fast and temporary pain relief can be yours if you have some chili peppers and/or cayenne pepper in your kitchen.

This might sound like an old wives remedy, but the Mayans used to use chili peppers to cure their toothaches and that was way back in the day!

Here are some ways you can use peppers to relieve that horrible toothache pain.

  • Dissolve cayenne pepper in a glass of hot water. Take a cotton ball, dip it into the mixture, and apply it directly to the sore tooth or gum. (you can also use cayenne oil directly onto a cotton ball)
  • Chew on chili pepper. Be careful, of course, this may burn your tongue, but it will desensitize the nerves of the tooth and quickly relieve the pain. You can also rub the pepper directly on the gum and tooth if you don’t want to brave the chewing.
  • Sichuan Peppers are not as hot as chili peppers, but can still do the job. Lightly apply the pepper to the tooth, bite down and hold it for a moment. The pain should be relieved within a minute.
  • Put peppers of your choice (as long as they are hot with capsaicin chemical) in a glass of vinegar. Let sit for 2 days (use this for non-urgent relief and for bleeding gums) and then gargle with it for three minutes, twice a day for a week.
  • Make a paste using crushed cayenne peppers, apple cider vinegar, and fresh ginger. Apply directly to the tooth or gum.

Consult with your dentist or health care professional before trying any new methods of pain relief.

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