5 healthy reasons to eat more green chilies


If you’re trying to eat healthier, you may want to incorporate more green chilies into your diet.

Not only do green chilies boost the taste, smell and flavor of your food, but they’re also packed with health benefits.

In fact, we easily found five healthy reasons to start eating more green chilies right now.


To start with, green chilies are diet-friendly. They don’t have any calories. We’re talking zero. Another bonus is that eating them can help speed up your metabolism, even up to three hours after consumption.

Iron rich

They’re also a great, natural source of iron. Making sure you have enough iron in your diet can help you avoid feeling tired or weak.

Lowers body temperature

Eating green chilies can also help your health by lowering your body temperature. That’s because of the capsaicin, or rather the compound found in green chilies that’s responsible for all the spicy hot flavor.

Healthy skin

Green chilies can additionally help promote healthy skin. That’s because they’re packed with Vitamin C and beta-carotene. To make sure you’re not losing out on all the healthy Vitamin C, make sure you store your chilies away from light, air and heat. A dark, cool area in your home works best.

Cardiovascular health

Finally, green chilies can be good for your cardiovascular system. Eating them can help prevent the formation of blood clots, which can reduce the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack. Green chili consumption can also help reduce blood cholesterol and other things, which can lead to unhealthy build-up in your arteries.

It’s easy to incorporate green chilies into your diet. For a healthy boost of flavor try fresh chilies. You can also try any one of the many pepper infused products on the market. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the hot scale to find the spicy hot flavor you enjoy the most.

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