This is why super hot sauce every day is better than a spa day

We can hear you scoffing from way over here at Mad Dog HQ.

Few things are better than a spa day. We know.

A spa day is a complete indulgence that happens to be excellent for your body too.

But, if you know anything about super hot sauces, you know we can claim the same thing. Each bottle of Mad Dog super hot sauce is a complete indulgence that also happens to be excellent for your body.

Moreover, you can afford to indulge in super hot sauce every day. Most of us simply can’t afford a daily spa treatment. And, it must be said that hot sauces, by virtue of consumption rather than simply acting topically may actually be better for your body.

Here’s the shortlist of benefits you can expect from super hot sauces:

1.    Get that blood pumping. Hot sauces are excellent for heart health and circulation. You’ll get rosy cheeks if that’s what you’re after – and you’ll feel healthier too.

2.    A metabolic boost that helps you use your stored energy (erm, you know what we’re saying, right?) which always makes you feel better – and, yeah, makes you healthier too.

3.    Antioxidants en masse are always good for you. And, you need them too. It doesn’t  matter if you lead a super healthy lifestyle, you’re breathing toxins in even as you read this. Since super hot sauces are loaded with antioxidants, expect good things to happen.

4.    A serious rush of endorphins. After the momentary (but thrilling) discomfort of a hot sauce burn, you’ll experience a sense of contentment that far outweighs any spa day pleasure.

Now, we know you’re not going to trade in that spa day for a daily dose of super hot sauce. And, you don’t have to. Why would you? Super hot sauces are super affordable, so you can squeeze both into your life.

Better still, you can combine them. Just think of how much better that spa lunch will taste when you add a little Mad Dog hot sauce to the mix.

Looking for a way to treat yourself every day?

Mad Dog hot sauces may be just what you need. It’s like a spa day in a bottle, except you can enjoy it every day.

Make every day better with Mad Dog

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