Toasty Toes

Keep Your Feet Warm With Cayenne Pepper

We’ll file this under silly things we are definitely going to try. Warm feet via Cayenne Pepper? Sign us up!

If these winter months have got you curling your toes in icy agony, then why not try this classic home remedy for cold feet (not the kind you get when you’re about to marry the wrong person!)

Who knew a simple way to keep warm was hiding in your spice rack?

How it works:

When you eat a pepper, the magic compound capsaicin is activated and suddenly the circulation in your fingers and your toes increases, giving you that warm and tingly feeling inside. This is because the blood vessels in your feet become dilated creating extra stimulation resulting in warmth to your soles.

Here’s what you need:

  • warm socks (not white)
  • cayenne pepper (ground, like the kind in your spice rack)

To Do:

  • take a pair of socks and turn them inside out
  • sprinkle no more than a teaspoon of cayenne onto each sock and spread evenly where the toes and the top of the foot would go (don’t have cayenne come in contact with your feet if they have cuts or blisters on them)
  • wash your hands really good so not to burn your face when touching it
  • put the socks on and wait (usually immediately or gradually) for the heat to come through

You can also use Chili Powder in lieu of cayenne and you can sprinkle inside your shoes instead of your socks.

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