What You Need to Know About Weight Loss


During the first week of January, there’s an incredible spike in gym memberships and contract sales.

And, it really doesn’t take much effort to understand why. People are better able to identify their errors in the midst of holiday excesses. Getting to the gym is just one of those things that most people know they should be doing.

But, as crowded as the gym is during January, the frenetic workout schedules of new members do taper off by the time March rolls around.

And perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

Well, it’s not a good thing, but going to the gym isn’t the end-all, be-all of weight loss. It counts, doesn’t get us wrong, but… exercise isn’t nearly as important to the shape and state of your body as what you eat.

What You Eat Is More Important than the Exercise You Do

If you really like your food, and you don’t mind exercise so much, this is the last thing you want to hear.

Before you become too despondent, however, you should be aware that exercise isn’t bad for you. Whether you’re dealing with weight loss, weight gain, or just trying to look a little sexier than you already do, exercise is good for you.

And, whether you’ve been doing it for years, or you just got a gym membership in January, you shouldn’t stop exercising.

But, if you are striving for weight loss and you think adding a few gym sessions to your life is going to do the trick, you’re just… wrong.

You will also need to change your eating habits. More than likely, that means upping your intake of fruits and vegetables and reducing the number of snacks, sugar, and salt in your world. And, if you are indeed like most people, you are going to need a little help in achieving your weight loss goals.

And that’s something Mad Dog hot sauces can truly help you with. Seriously; we’re not making this up. There’s a little something behind the burn in every bottle; it’s called capsaicin. And, as far as we can tell, it’s a miracle worker.

Capsaicin helps regulate your appetite. You will feel fuller faster and hold onto that sensation longer than before. It staves off the release of the hungry hormones, so you’re less likely to reach for something, anything, in desperation. It converts stored fat into heat energy and does it at an increased speed compared to your normal metabolism. And, it makes you feel damned good too… once that burn subsides.

But, and this is what you really need to know about weight loss, Mad Dog hot sauces make your food taste incredible, even if all you’re eating is salad and veggies. And since weight loss has more to do with what you put in your body than how you exercise it, isn’t it time you started adding a little Mad Dog to everything?

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