Hot Sauce Overcomes Hellish Hiking

Getting out of the big bad city for some fresh air?

Don’t forget to take your Mad Dog hot sauce with you on your hike. You’ll want it – and if you’re not normally a hiker – you’ll probably want it. 

We’re not making that up. There’s more than a few reasons for that too.

  • Mad Dog gives you a burst of energy. Well, not exactly. But, you know that feeling you get when you take a taste of super hot sauce and you need to movenow? If you’re feeling sluggish halfway up the hill, a little slug of hot sauce (okay, a lot less than that) will get you moving. Just a tip: drink water to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t bother with milk; the goal is to get moving.
  • Expect a rush of endorphins. You’re supposed to get those from exercise, of course, and hiking definitely fits the bill. But, until you get to that point (and it may take some time), you can make your own happiness with a bite of Mad Dog (or, rather, a Mad Dog bite).
  • It’s a natural pain killer. Yes, you read right. The shit that makes you jump around the room because you feel you’re on fire is… a pain killer. While it’ll interfere with pain signals where you taste it (or apply it), it’ll also take your mind off the strain and pain of your legs, your feet and wherever else you feel the burn.
  • Mad Dog gives your lunch a little something. There’s no reason to remind you that you need hot sauce on your sandwiches, is there? Didn’t think so. If you’ve been dragged out on your hike by an avid walker who promised you food along the way, you’ll probably need whatever Mad Dog you can wrap your hands around.
  • It doesn’t need to weigh you down. We’ve got small bottles of hot sauce and Pain on a Chain powders to lighten the load while you heighten the heat. It’s what you need, whether you’re walking the Camino or just around the block.

Planning a hike (or any outdoor exercise) this summer?

Be sure to load up on Mad Dog hot sauces before heading out. You’ll be super grateful that you did. Trust us.

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