How hot peppers may help reduce acne scarring

While many people deal with acne, especially during the teenage years, acne scars can be a problem we’re left with for a lifetime.

If you feel like you’ve tried just about everything in the battle against acne, there may be a solution you’re overlooking. There are several new products out there, some of them natural products, that claim to help with acne, but one of them is probably something you never even thought about trying. Sure, hot peppers taste great, but can they really live up to the claims when it comes to clearing up acne?

It turns out, the idea may not be all that far-fetched.

Capsaicin can sometimes burn your skin, but some Capsaicin-based products can reportedly help clear up acne and do it quickly. Some natural remedies out there claim to help clear up acne, but it can sometimes take weeks or even months to notice a change. With Capsaicin-based products you may see the change in just days. Another advantage of many of the chili pepper-infused creams is that they’re not packed with harsh chemicals and additives. You may also find they’re sometimes cheaper than other acne-fighting products on the market. 

Capsaicin is said to help by opening up your pores and increasing the blood flow. Capsaicin also desensitizes the skin, reducing some of the inflammation and pain that comes with acne. In addition, it also has some anti-microbial properties that helps fight the bacteria that often causes acne, which can be a win-win when you’re trying to fight off future acne. The shorter the time acne sticks around, the less likely you’ll end up with acne scarring down the line. Along with your skin, hot peppers have a range of health benefits. Of course, they taste pretty great too, so why not add some hot peppers and hot pepper products to your daily routine.

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