Paying down debt? Make super hot sauce your best friend

Getting out of debt is hard to do.

And, if you’ve been trying, you know just how difficult it really is.

And, for the most part, we can’t help you with that. We’re not financial advisors or debt consolidators. We craft the world’s best, most delicious super hot sauces.

Yes, it’s as cool hot as it sounds.

We can really only help you with super hot sauces, high-caliber extracts and pepper purees that’ll make you think your mouth is bleeding.

It’s probably not bleeding, but go ahead and check anyhow. Because, the fiery pain of super hot sauces, of course.

But, you can use Mad Dog super hot sauces to make the most of your budget. A tiny change really can have a huge impact when you’re committed.

Super hot sauce: make the most of your grocery budget

The number one rule for getting out of debt is to bring in more money than you’re spending.

You don’t need to be a financial advisor to figure that one out.

But, it’s hella hard to figure out where and how to cut corners. It’s especially tricky when you’ve already chucked all the good stuff out of your life; the cup of coffee on the way to work and the beers with friends after a long week of agonizing, back-breaking, working hard because debt sucks were probably the first things to go.

And, when you’re down to cutting your grocery bill (because let’s face it, that’s one area you can cut), you’re left in one of two terrifying positions:

  • You can’t cook. At least you can’t cook anything you actually want to eat.
  • You hate the taste of cheap ingredients thrown together for sustenance rather than flavor.

But, super hot sauce can help. Here’s how:

  • We’re continually adding new recipes to our recipe blog. They’re not complicated, and most of them are way cheaper than eating out – even if you’re eating the same thing.
  • Super hot sauce will cover up the flavor mistakes you make when shifting to budget cuisine.

Either way, super hot sauce has just given a new level of control over your grocery budget – and you haven’t even taken a bite yet.

We strongly suggest giving recipes like our Burning Bacon and Avo Baked Potato or Reaper Sriracha Taquito a try. They’re fiery. They’re filled with flavor, and they’re great for your grocery budget too.

Super Hot Sauce: More than a budget beater

While it’s likely to be a challenge at first, there are actually several ways to cut the fat (sometimes literally) from your grocery bill.

But, only super hot sauce has the power to cut your costs and make you feel good. Truly. We’re not even saying this because we love what we do.

When you eat super hot sauces, your brain believes you’re on fire.

Again, you’re not, but if you need to confirm that by checking yourself out in the mirror, go right ahead.

Your brain, fully believing that you’re under attack by a fire-breathing dragon in your mouth, will release serotonin and endorphins to help you deal with that. (Not that it would help all that much if you really did have a tiny dragon exhaling fire in your mouth.)

Suddenly, however, you feel pretty good about things. Well, everything but the sting of the super hot sauce in your mouth. (Don’t worry; it goes away in a matter of minutes.)

This is truly marvelous, because:

  • When you’re trying to live under a ridiculously tight budget, staying positive is a serious challenge.
  • You might find yourself having a hell of a lot more fun than you thought was possible within the strict confines of your budget.

And, when you’re dealing with super hot sauces like our Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce, you really only need the tiniest tip of a toothpick-worth to get these benefits.

Freaking amazing right?

Is super hot sauce your new superhero?

You get a crazy amount of benefits when you enjoy super hot sauce regularly. And, since you don’t need a whole lot, you can probably stretch just a few bottles long enough to get you through your debt pay-off plan.

Make this superhero your debt-relief friend.

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