Too much spice? Here’s why you don’t want to reach for a glass of water

We’ve all probably been in the situation where we eat something a bit too spicy and immediately reach for the closest thing to quench the burning pain.

If it’s the capsaicin from a burning hot pepper that’s to blame, you definitely do not want it to be a glass of water. We know the pain. Some peppers rank extremely high on the hot pepper scale, and you may be caught in a situation where you’re willing to down just about anything in sight to get rid of the burn. But believe us when we say water is NOT the answer.

That’s because capsaicin can dissolve in fat and alcohol, but not in water.

Water, unfortunately, just spreads the burn around and makes the burning problem worse. Luckily, there are some other options that might help. One great potential solution is to have a glass of whole milk on standby. If you feel like trying something a little different, you can always whip of a glass of homemade sweet lassi. The thick drink is typically made from chilled milk, sugar, and ice. You can also use alcohol, but remember, the higher the alcohol count, the better it works in terms of masking the burn from hot peppers. Yet another option to try is ice cream. The fat in ice cream will probably give some relief, plus its cold, too.

Some people suggest eating a spoonful of granulated sugar or honey to get rid of the burn.

This might give you some temporary relief, but it won’t actually break down the capsaicin, at all. Essentially, you’re just offering up a temporary distraction from the pain. That goes for ice, too. Once that ice melts, you’ll start feeling the heat once again. Enjoy those hot peppers, but if you can’t handle the burn, you may want to have a quick solution within reach.

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