3 Reasons to Bring Your Own Hot Sauce to a Super Bowl party


This is a public service announcement that just because the game is awesome, the commercials are hilarious, and the beer is ever-flowing,

Let’s us not forget game-day snacks and how basic and boring they can really be. From boring dips to bland chips, from burnt hot dogs to flavorless chicken wings, this is why you must arm yourself with the most dangerous and delicious hot sauce.

Don’t be afraid to Rise Up! and take control of your Super Bowl snacks by multiplying their flavors to make this the best Super Bowl Party ever.

Here are 3 reasons you need to bring hot sauce to the Super Bowl Party:

1. Nobody knows how to make proper nachos. Don’t be fooled by the cheesy and melty Velveeta that is pouring over each chip. If it doesn’t include the kitchen sink and by that, we mean jalapenos, sour cream, chives, some sort of beef or chicken, and HOT SAUCE, then these are not nachos. These are chips and cheese and this is what latchkey kids make when they get home from school and have nothing to eat but a bag of chips and plastic cheese squares. Make your nachos hotter by adding Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce.

2. People will think you are smart and mysterious. If you bring your own hot sauce to the party and whip it out like you are a gun slinging cowboy, not only will you get the oohs and ahhs of the guests who think you are ballsy enough to bring your own condiments, but you will get the mad respect of other guests for being resourceful like Bear Grylls in the wild just trying to keep your taste buds alive. It’s also a good conversation starter for those peeps who are just there for the onion dip and halftime show. The introverts will love your attempt to break from the football talk and turn it up for some hot sauce intervention. 

3. Let’s be real, everyone brings beer and chips to a game, but no one carries hot sauce with them which could single-handily become the most important and coveted carry-in to any party. It’s a gift that keeps on giving at the Super Bowl Party. You can douse it in some beer for a cool kick, sprinkle it on chicken wings, nachos, atop guacamole, even boring old hummus. Roll it around in freshly made popcorn, make the Chex Mix sing with flavor, and if someone dares to serve cheese and crackers well you know what to do. You could be that person that brings hot sauce to the game that they will continue to invite because “hey did you invite hot sauce person to the party?”. Become a legend in your own time by giving yourself a hot reputation for the next invite. 

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