Chili Peppers and the Presidential Elections

Chili Peppers and the Presidential Elections

 It’s voting day. Well, it is for a lot of people. Early voters and mail-in voters cast their ballots already. By the time you read this, you may have already been to and from the polls. If not, you should probably get out there are do it. Every vote counts. Seriously.

We’ve known for a long time that Hillary Clinton is a big fan of all things spicy. She might not look like it, but she’s a die-hard chili head. She chows hot peppers every day and needs plenty of hot sauce to keep her happy.

Luckily, chili peppers are exceptionally good for you. Given the stress the elections have placed on the entire country, we should have all had chili peppers on hand for the past several months.

But, it’s not just Hillary’s love of chili peppers that links hot sauce to this year’s presidential elections.

Take a moment to consider the link between America’s new love of chili peppers and the historical links between chili peppers and the Hispanic community. However politically incorrect it may be to make the link between chilies and our neighbors that hail from south of the American border, it has had an impact on the foods we eat.

Denver Nicks, author of Hot Sauce Nation: America’s Burning Obsession, has shown how President Kennedy’s immigration policies actually opened the door for chili peppers.

And, if you didn’t notice, immigration laws have been a big part of Trump’s platform. He’s violently against allowing immigration of any kind. His comments on the NAFTA trade agreement demonstrate that he’d like to cut off the country completely (much to the detriment of American businesses). And this is the sort of thing that would make any immigrant community shake in their boots. It’s especially true for the American Hispanic communities with strong ties to families that could be affected by a wall.

Of course, Hispanic American communities aren’t a homogenous group of people, and their concerns extend beyond immigration policies – just as their foods aren’t always defined by chili peppers. But, there are those that are willing to make this kind of a leap – though they’re often quick to qualify it with plenty of research and historical examples.

What do chili peppers mean to you this voting day?

If nothing more, you’ll want to reach for some hot sauce or chili peppers so you, like Hillary can find the motivation to make it through the evening. As much as you might be gripping the edge of your seat, chili peppers will keep you smiling and alert until that moment when you feel you can rest.

No, get out there and vote. It is that important.

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