Katy Perry Craves Spicy Food


Now that she’s pregnant, Katy Perry is reportedly craving spicy food.

We applaud that (and we’re actually a little shocked that it’s something new). She’s even taken to carrying a bottle of hot sauce with her everywhere she goes. (Something completely normal for most chili-heads and hot sauce enthusiasts.)

But we’ve also heard that Katy’s idea of spicy is, well, a mere 5000 Scoville, give or take.

We’ll admit that’s hotter than adding ketchup to your food. But, really only slightly. Spicier perhaps, but nothing that would melt someone’s tongue off.

This is why we must suspect that Katy Perry has always been a chili-head, she was just too busy to notice. It’s also possible that she’ll eagerly pile on the heat post-pregnancy and one day make her debut in the world of truly hot hot sauces. 

Are Hot Sauces Safe During Pregnancy?

Absolutely. Hot sauces, even super hot sauces like we do over here at Mad Dog HQ are safe to eat during pregnancy. You don’t need to worry about Katy or her baby.

Just to quickly dispel another myth, it’s unlikely (perhaps impossible) for super spicy foods to hustle labor or delivery. 

Katy is Likely to Have an Adventurous Child

Okay, this is sort of a given, we know. But, it’s believed that children exposed to “spicy” are more likely to try – and enjoy – new foods later on. And that’s the first step to craving new experiences later on in life. 

Luckily, that’s likely to be the sort of life this little one has anyhow.

And, if it all starts with something that’s a little spicier than ketchup, we can’t complain. In fact, we support it. After all, it’s damned difficult to jump from “nothing hot for me” straight into the hot sauces so freakingly ferocious that they’ll take your face off.

Now, if you’re already passed the point where 5000 Scoville doesn’t mean a thing, why not order yourself some more Mad Dog? It’s adventurous and something we think even Katy Perry will do in the future.

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