Customer Service or a Jalapeno Addiction?

In case you haven’t heard, a Scottish woman has been asked not to order from her local branch of Domino’s Pizza again.

Yes, you read that right. Domino’s has (not so kindly) requested that she order her pizzas elsewhere.

That’s because of her wild jalapeño addiction. You see, she always asks for extra jalapeños on her pizzas. She’s willing to pay the fee for the extra toppings, of course, but apparently, Domino’s isn’t able to satisfy her addiction.

When she complained again about the pathetic amount of jalapeño slices on her latest pizza, the store manager decided it would simply be easier not to fulfill her orders any longer. She received a message to that extent and has since decided to drive to a Domino’s further away to satisfy her cravings.

The Big Jalapeño Questions

This story should really bring several questions to the front of your mind… because it’s one of the strangest things to happen.

For a start, how often does this woman order from Domino’s and what percentage of those orders does she complain about? If she complains more than 25 percent of the time, there is indeed a problem. On that note, are her complaints long and difficult to manage? If she’s taking the manager off the floor for hours at a time, that’s really challenging for any foodservice establishment to handle.

More importantly, what are her expectations for the number of jalapeños on her pizza? Has she ever gone into the Domino’s and tried to chat with the manager about how many pepper slices she really wants needs? Taking that a little further, was Domino’s unable to suggest doubling her extra jalapeños and charging her for that?

If the double extra charge was too much for this jalapeño addict, was it impossible to consider that she could have added all the peppers she wanted using slices she had purchased from the grocery store? If she’s really that much of fiend, then she likely has a large supply of peppers in her fridge and pantry anyhow. Or, at least you would think so.

And, if the issue has to do with the pickling flavor of the jalapeños added to Domino’s pizzas, shouldn’t she have asked to speak with the pepper distributor that they deal with? Or, shouldn’t the manager have suggested such a thing?

Aren’t there other pizza places nearby? What’s so special about Domino’s that she absolutely needs to get her pizzas there? Sure, they’re good, but are they that good that she drives 30 minutes to get her jalapeño fix? And, why is the further store more obliging with their peppers?

Finally, it’s probably important to know whether she’s only addicted to jalapeños or if she’s tried other chili peppers. She might not need to order and eat so many damn peppers if she would pick a hotter variety. But sometimes, logic escapes people, just as it did the manager of the Domino’s that’s asked the jalapeño woman to take her business elsewhere.

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