Love Hot Peppers? Handle With Care

Sure hot peppers and hot pepper products taste great at mealtime, but the name says it all!

Not only are they oftentimes burning hot when they reach your mouth, but some are so hot you’ll start feeling it starting with the tips of your fingers. That’s why some of the hottest products on the market are literally too hot to handle.

The very best way to properly handle hot peppers, hot sauces, and hot pepper extracts is to wear rubber gloves or disposable gloves at all times.

The oil that comes from hot peppers is often so fiery hot it can actually feel like it's burning your skin if you come in direct contact with the pepper or something else it may have touched. Some hot pepper extracts are so insanely hot they come with a disclaimer right on the packaging. If you do accidentally touch a hot pepper with your bare hands, immediately wash your hands off several time in soap and COLD water and the hot water. For the same reason, make sure you properly wash off all cutting boards and knives that have also touched the hot peppers. It’s extremely painful if the oil accidentally comes in contact with your eyes too, so make sure you don’t accidentally brush your face in the process.

If you have touched the peppers already and washing with ordinary soap and water just isn’t doing the trick, try washing your hands with rubbing alcohol or with some oil dissolving dish soap. Some people also recommend soothing the pain by soaking your hands in yogurt or milk, or even using a baking soda and water paste, then letting it dry on your hands before washing the paste away. Of course, keeping the peppers away from your skin, and simply enjoying the fiery taste, is the best idea of all.

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