Starved For Heat: The Rising Appeal Of Spicy Food Challenges

Years ago food challenges were mainly reserved for the occasional festival or county fair.

It was the time when brave contenders showed how much they could eat, how fast they could eat, or simply how spicy of food they could tolerate. Next came shows such as “Man v. Food” when viewers tuned in to watch the host devour massive plates of food in just one setting, including some extra spicy selections such as atomic hot wings, habanero cheese fritters, and habanero-topped hot wings.

This paved the way for the online web series Hot Ones

Hot Ones showcasing celebrities forced to answer questions while downing hotter and even hotter hot wings. Famous sports stars, comedians, plus Hollywood actors and actresses have all appeared on the hit series, challenging themselves wing after wing to make it on to the next spicy round. It seems part of the attraction of a spicy food challenge is not just for the competitors, but also the pure entertainment of watching another person sometimes literally sweat it out. In recent years more and more restaurants have also decided to get in on the fun with spicy challenges that net free food and plenty of bragging rights.

Combine that with social media and a high interest in making viral internet videos, and you’ll now find plenty of spicy food and spicy hot sauce challenges that people all over the world are attempting on their own. While not everyone is up to the challenge of downing some of the hottest peppers and the hottest hot sauce on the market, it certainly hasn’t doused the flames for others when it comes to competing in some of the hottest challenges around. From the spicy noodle challenge to the spicy Paqui “One Chip Challenge”, brave contenders are constantly trying to one-up one other when it comes to spicy foods and hot sauce.

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