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Five Times When You’ll Need to Know about Plutonium Pepper Extract

We know that you think your hot sauce addiction is private – that no one shares your capsaicin predilections. But, you’re wrong. Across the globe, people are begging for the hottest hot sauces and extracts they can get their hands on (or rather their TRVP 1 receptor, but that’s another story). As consumers adjust, the demand for plutonium hot sauce is shooting through the roof (or they are as they taste it).

Not a fan? You should still know something about plutonium hot sauce (and its effects). Here are the top five times when a little fiery chili sauce knowledge goes a long way.

You’ll Need to Know about Plutonium Pepper Extract When...

You Go to Any State Fair – No summer is complete without a trip to one sort of fair or another. Or at least that’s how it was. Fair carnival organizers are using all kinds of wiles to lure you and your friends back into the fold. They’re doing that through the intelligent use of food stalls that you simply must try. It’s at these babies that you’ll find burgers and dogs laden with plutonium hot sauce. At least that’s what they’ll claim. It makes the fair a lot more fun if you’re shooting smoke out your ears. But you need to know how to gauge your tolerance (and how to see through the marketing lies of these vendors).

You’re Showing Off at a Restaurant – Guys, you need to pay particular attention to this. You see, women consume plutonium hot sauce because they love the burn. Men, on the other hand, like to appear macho. If you’re a guy, you’re likely to try for a super hot chile sauce that’s way too hot to handle. If you’ve got a handle on your Scoville heat tolerance, it can make all the difference (it can be the difference between losing control of your bodily functions and looking like “the man”).

You Visit Asia – Americans love their chilies; it’s true. And the call for hotter peppers is growing. But, in other countries, it’s a way of life. Nine-year-olds might be able to pepper you under the table. If you’re a plutonium hot sauce dabbler, then you need to gain an understanding before you hit Asia (including South Asia). A little bit of knowledge goes far, especially if your Mandarin is rusty.

You’re a Radio Show Guest – Okay, we’ll include reality shows and live TV too, just to conveniently group things together for you. The point is that everyone from local radio DJs to Ryan Seacrest has taken to eating plutonium hot sauces and über spicy chili peppers on air. You could be next – you never know what will happen when you hit the studio. You might just want to prepare for everything.

You Head Out to the Bar with Your Colleagues on a Friday Night – Your co-workers are an odd lot (and you know it!) And when you all head out for a drink together, you know it will be something you don’t want to remember on Monday morning. That means that adding a few dashes of plutonium hot sauces secretly onto someone’s wings isn’t out of the question (it should be since super hot sauces can cause ridiculous reactions, but it’s not). Of course, you’ll know your limits if you’ve done your homework already.

There you have it, a few times when a little plutonium hot sauce knowledge will come in very handy. Just remember, there’s a big difference between Tabasco and plutonium hot sauce. As anyone that’s ever seen Back to the Future knows, plutonium is another level altogether.

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