National Chips and Dip Day

March 23rd is National Chips and Dip Day.

And that’s the perfect excuse to talk about food cravings. That’s because most people have experienced these at one point or another. In fact, most people have them pretty regularly. And, chip and dip are just one of those things you crave (especially if you’ve got a Mad Dog chip and dip recipe).

But, what are cravings? Why do we have them? And, just how do you get rid of them?

Why Do People Have Cravings and What Do They Crave?

Strangely, men and women crave different foods. It’s actually the ladies that are more likely to pull out the chips and dip to feed the urges than the men. Why? It’s convenience. Men tend to crave soups, stews, and foods that their mother laboriously prepared for them. Women, on the other hand, associate those foods with preparation and clean up and tend to reach instead for the cookies or the chips and dips.

But, just why do we crave food? Well, mostly it boils down to the power of suggestion and the power of repetition. As soon as you smell pizza, you want it. And you’re more likely to turn away from the cravings if you’re not already hungry. But, then there is repetition to deal with too. If you always have chips and dip in front of the TV on game day, you’ll start to crave those things when you sit down and flip on the TV. (Yes, that makes you Pavlov’s dog.)

Breaking the Cravings Habit

Okay, we’re really not telling you that you need to learn to ignore your cravings on chips and dip day. In fact, we hope you’ll celebrate it with some Mad Dog. But, having said that, most people would like to be in control of their food cravings.

One way to achieve that is to become very stern with yourself. Cravings are more like habits than any real need for food. Sure, sometimes you’ll crave something specific because you’re hungry. But mostly, it’s because of your inner monologue and what you’re used to doing.

Eating food laden with capsaicin (and by that, we mean anything with plenty of Mad Dog hot sauce) will help to cut the cravings you feel because it tells your brain that you’re satiated already. It goes for what you eat now (reducing your calorie intake during this meal) and subsequent meals too. Pretty handy to note, right? Well, at least if you’re trying to cut your inability to resist food temptations.

So, Back to That Whole Chips and Dip Thing

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you hanging. You didn’t think we would, right? We’ve got a stellar recipe that you just won’t be able to get enough of on National Chips and Dip Day. And, if you sign up for the eBlast list, you may just find another one in your inbox before you know it. Now, that’s something to crave, isn’t it?

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