Mad Dog Actor’s Corner: How to Act Like a Sensitive Man

You ever wonder, “wow! how do those actors cry on cue like that?”

Oscar-nominated actress, Amy Adams once told a talk show audience that she gets in her emotional space about thinking about inhaling fumes from a Sriracha plant.

Some actors go deep into method acting and may think of injured puppies, long lost loves, that Lionel Richie slow jam, or that sex tape that made their butt look too small to get them to cry like babies.

A less conventional method, and one used by many stage actors, is to use a trick that causes a physical reaction.

Biting into a hot chili pepper.

Consuming even a small amount of chili pepper can cause even the toughest brut to tear up. Chili peppers are a natural irritant so in addition to tears flowing, you will feel intense heat and your body will start to sweat.

These physical reactions will produce enough tears to get you through a tough scene or maybe even through real life if you’re ever accused of being too insensitive.

Here’s a recipe for Instant Sensitive Man:

  • Pour yourself two tablespoons of your favorite hot sauce - we recommend Mad Dog Inferno sauce
  • Swirl the sauce inside your entire mouth
  • Make sure to hit the tip of your tongue and the roof of your mouth
  • If you’re brave enough, swallow for best results

Don’t ever rub your eyes with chili peppers, hot sauce, or chili powder. Only consume it orally -plain or with food. Drink milk to cool the burning sensation if it is too much heat for you.

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