Savor Your Mad Dog

We know people who add Mad Dog to just about everything.

It’s been mixed with olive oil to accent an otherwise bland salad. (Just a note, we do have chili oils, but a drop of Mad Dog hot sauce in your everyday olive oil will work in a pinch.) We know people that won’t order wings in restaurants, preferring to create their own, special Mad Dog wings at home. And we’re big fans of the people that start their day with a boiled egg and a dash of fiery goodness.

So, we tried (really hard, mind you) to come up with a few occasions when adding Mad Dog to your meals might be a waste. We couldn’t agree on too many, which means that it’s almost impossible to waste your Mad Dog hot sauce. Here’s what we have.

You Shouldn’t Add Mad Dog to Your Meals When…

… You’re Cooking for the Family – You may have caught the news reports about children who are abused with hot sauces and spices. We’re completely against that. The hottest hot sauces are not a joke. And, it’s unbelievably cruel to force anyone to eat something that feels like a fire unless they want to. So, you really can’t add Mad Dog (or any other hot sauce) to the meal you’re preparing for the family. We do suggest bringing a bottle to the table – and responsibly warning everyone that it’s likely to take their tongue off.

… You’re Meal Is a Bowl of Sugary Cereal – Now, it’s true that it’s difficult to swallow some of the cereals on the market today. They’re just too sweet. And, you would think that something as powerful and potent as Mad Dog could make it better. But, that’s just not the case. We’ve tried. Unfortunately, you’ll be left with a bowl of burning cold sugar. It is as disgusting as it sounds. However, chili pepper ice cream is actually quite incredible. If you’re into making your own ice cream, we suggest adding some Mad Dog hot sauce to your next batch of chocolate. Just a word of warning though, capsaicin gets everywhere, you might not be able to use that machine to make ice cream for the kids anytime in the next few years. (But you are making dinner to their tastes, so maybe it’s a tradeoff.)

… You’re Planning to Sleep in the Next Hour – There’s a lot of talk about how you shouldn’t be having meals just before sleeping, to begin with. It’s all got to do with digestion and how you store carbs in the body. But, if you’re adding capsaicin to your meals, you’re in for a shocker. It releases all sorts of feel-good hormones that make you happy and alert. So, you really won’t get a lot of sleeping done. Now, if you’re going to bed for other reasons, that’s your call.

And, when it comes to the best time to bring out your favorite bottle of Mad Dog? The office. We support the movement to convert as many people into chili heads as possible. And if not, well, the videos are priceless! Now go enjoy the finest, handcrafted hot sauce in the world… just not in a bowl of cereal.

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