Stop Smoking Reapers!

Peppers are delicious.

They’re filled with health benefits. They boost your metabolism and add a kick to your meals. They’re colorful, and you can prepare them in such crazy ways. And, let’s face it there are ever so many varieties, from jalapeños to reapers.

But, for f***s sake, stop smoking them.

Chili peppers are not meant for smoking. (Though smoked peppers are delicious.)

Seriously. Don’t smoke jalapeños in a bong or vape reapers. It’s a dumb idea.

People Smoke Reapers?

A few months ago, we stumbled on one guy, Russell Hawkins, who gave his YouTube viewers a wonderful treat. He began by vaping reapers; then, he snorted some reaper pepper. And, just to be on the safe side, he dabbed a little of that powder in his eye.

We’re not even worried about how clean his hands were at that point.

Any of those activities is ridiculous.

And, may we put it out there… If, after vaping reapers, your lungs feel like they’re on fire, don’t go back for another hit. Just don’t.

This single video should have been enough to halt any other activities of this sort. But, apparently, Ted Barrus didn’t do his research.

One of his YouTube videos features himself smoking reapers from a bong. Now, he does preface his work by calling himself “The Fire-Breathing Idiot.” So, we do need to give him some credit for being smart enough to know how dumb he’s being. But, all the same, he decides it’s not a bad idea to take bong hits of reapers.

After chugging some water (clearly, he hasn’t done any research), he vomits. And then? He advises no one to try the same stunt.

That’s the advice he should have followed himself. Smoking reapers is not an endeavor anyone should undertake. No one. And, we don’t know how many times we need to say it. Stop smoking reapers!

But Chilies Inhibit Lung Cancers

There is some research out there at the moment that the capsaicin in chili peppers may stave off the development of lung cancer. Yep; lab tests have demonstrated that this miracle compound is potentially able to stop cancer before it even begins in the body.

But, these tests have demonstrated this potential when capsaicin is ingested. And, thus far, it’s only been tested in lab animals. The jury is still out on this one (though it does look like capsaicin is able to battle a couple of different cancers, including that oh-so-scary prostate one).

And, even if it was proven that smoking capsaicin did prevent lung cancer, it’s the sort of thing you should attempt under the supervision of a doctor. And they would probably not recommend bonging or vaping reapers. It’s clearly not safe.

So, please, for f***s sake… stop smoking reapers!

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