Are chili peppers truly good for you? Hear what the experts say

You’ve probably heard some of the health benefits of eating chili peppers before, but what do the experts have to say?

Sure, they taste great and give your snacks and meals an extra kick, but are peppers truly good for you? For most of us, the answer is a resounding yes! There are several good reasons to take a second look at the hot pepper scale. Not only do the peppers provide varying levels of spice to suit your taste buds, but they also pack in quite a few benefits when it comes to your health.

To begin with, hot peppers are packed with nutrients.

This includes Vitamin C. The antioxidant can help with your immune system and help with wound healing. The capsaicin part of hot peppers is a great antioxidant that may actually help fight inflammation and help fight against cancer, too. The K1 found in hot peppers can help with bone development and blood clotting. Meanwhile Vitamin B6 helps with energy metabolism. Eating hot peppers can help burn body fat and improve metabolism. The beta carotene in chili peppers helps with intestinal health and vision health. The phenolic acids found in hot peppers may also act as antioxidants in helping protect against chronic diseases.

Of course, not everyone can handle the extreme heat of hot peppers.

Seriously hot peppers can produce a burning sensation. If you eat too many, you may feel your stomach burn, too. That’s why people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions may want to talk to their doctor before changing up their diet. So long as you enjoy hot peppers and you don’t have any health conditions that warrant staying away from them, taking a journey up the spice scale may be a real benefit in improving your diet, and possibly your health, too.

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