Benefits of Spicy Meals

There's a huge benefit of spicy meals, so read up. Some foods you know you should stay away from; they’re just not good for you. Then, there are other foods that you know you’re supposed to be eating, but you’re not really keen to indulge. And, unless you’ve spent time developing a love of healthy foods, it’s fair to say that the better the food tastes, the less likely it is to be good for you. That’s true for just about every food… except for the world’s hottest hot sauces.

Fill up on Flavor, Not Fat

Here’s the deal with hot sauces in general. They all contain chili peppers of one sort or another. And chili peppers all have some degree of capsaicin hidden inside their flesh. Capsaicin is the substance that gives chilies their heat. The more capsaicin inside, the hotter the pepper. And, the same applies to the hottest hot sauces. The hotter they are, the more capsaicin they have.

Capsaicin doesn’t have a flavor, but it does follow the same neuronal pathways as fat does. So, you will enjoy that satiated feeling sooner when you add the hottest hot sauces you can to your meals. The flavor key to these sauces is all in the peppers and the other ingredients mixed with them. And, artisanal hot sauces, like the Mad Dog range are big on taste. Add a bit to every meal, and you’ll get plenty of delectable taste without all that unnecessary fat.

The Hottest Hot Sauces Help with Weight Loss

There are a few natural ingredients that activate weight loss in the body and capsaicin is one of them. The key ingredient to the hottest hot sauces works in a couple of different ways to assist you with your weight loss goals. Obviously, feeling fuller sooner is one of those ways, but it is only the beginning.

The capsaicin found in the hottest hot sauces also work to boost your metabolism. So, even if you do very minimal activity after eating a meal laden with these condiments, you will still burn more calories than you would otherwise. And, the hottest hot sauces also transform food into heat as you eat it. Those calories instantly become energy rather than hanging out on your hips.

Capsaicin Is a Terrific Cure for Hangovers

It’s true. You can use the hottest hot sauces to get rid of headaches. Well, sort of. Capsaicin is sold as a topical ointment to alleviate the strongest headaches. Pharmacies are obviously not handing out bottles of Mad Dog and asking people to stick it in their nostrils. But, the capsaicin in super hot sauces helps to strengthen and expand arterial walls on the inside of your body. It also triggers the release of endorphins into your system.

If that wasn’t enough, the capsaicin in the hottest hot sauces is also prescribed to mediate the pain associated with chronic ailments such as rheumatism. Just imagine what it can do with the muscular aches caused by a night of good times. There’s really no limit to the power of capsaicin when you’re suffering from a bit of a hangover, erm dehydration.

And that’s not all the hottest hot sauces can do. You’ll also see that capsaicin is a regular feature in medical journals. It could be just the thing that will cure cancer, reverse diabetes and stop heart attacks. Isn’t it time you loaded up on the hottest hot sauces you can find? We’re big fans of the crazy heat found in the Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition, but you’ll need to sample a few different Mad Dog hot sauces to fin the hottest hot sauce you can handle. Enjoy!

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