Can Cactus Peppers Cure The Common Itch?

Studies show Capsaicin, is highly effective against many chronic skin conditions that cause chronic itching, redness, and dry patches.

Until recently, no company has found a way to put an effective amount of capsaicin in cream without making the cream too hot. While the Hotter" creams are effective against arthritis joint pain, they are too hot to be used for common skin disorders related to dermatitis, dry skin, and itching.

SiCap Industries, a small company in the Tech Valley area of upstate New York, has come up with a way to get all the benefits of capsaicin in cream without any of the burns. Already considered a pioneer in the Capsaicin research business, SiCap is credited with making the world's first commercially available hot pepper nasal spray. That's right -- hot pepper nasal spray. What first seemed to many as a joke, Sinus Buster nasal spray quickly became a sinus and headache sufferers' best friend. Today, Sinus Buster has more than 30,000 regular users in the United States alone, and sales are also brisk in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

About the same time they were launching Sinus Buster, the SiCap R&D team began working on a capsaicin skin cream that was intended to instantly relieve itching and dry skin with all the power of peppers, and none of the burn. By the fall of 2004, SiCap had created its next capsaicin breakthrough -- a soothing cream made with natural Cayenne Pepper extract, African Shea Butter, Yucca Root Powder, and 13 other proven herbal extracts and oils.

Marketed under the name PepperCare Skin Conditioning Cream," this unusual formula instantly stops any itch, and the manufacturer claims its also a breakthrough for relieving most dermatitis related conditions including scaly dry patches. Moreover, company officials say their new cream is starting to receive testimonials from users around the country.

Just like when we launched sinus buster last year. Within the first month, we started getting incredible testimonials. People writing, emailing, calling. And to this day they just keep building....more and more come in every week. Now peppercare is doing the same thing because it really works better than anything else out there. One couple in the Midwest has a 5-year-old son whos suffered from chronic dermatitis since he was a baby. This poor kid was scratching himself to death, and he was very noticeable in public because he has it on the back of his hands and up to his arms. His parents tried everything including steroid creams, and nothing ever really made a noticeable difference, but with 8 days of using peppercare cream his condition was according to his mother, more than fifty percent improved for the first time in his life. Apparently their family physician was shocked," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

Perry claims his company has heard from several dozen people who've used PepperCare and reported results that went far beyond known accepted treatments. According to the maker, the PepperCare formula is extremely complex concerning the ingredients and the way they are mixed. Unlike the synthesized capsaicin creams meant to subdue arthritis pain, PepperCare incorporates an all-natural pepper extract that's well regarded as a spicy additive in the food industry. Known as Oleoresin Capsicum," one-quarter cup of this concentrated liquid pepper can spice up more than 10,000 gallons of commercial spaghetti sauce.

We use a cayenne extract that's very hot, but through research, we've found that when you mix this natural resin with certain natural oils and resins, were able to get an effective amount in the cream without the user feeling any burn," explains Perry.

To say this cream does not burn is absolutely accurate, but when you apply it you know the pepper is in there. Although you feel nothing on your skin (anywhere on your body), there are two places where you will feel the slight tingle caused by the capsaicin. First is when you liberally apply it around the eyes, and second is on your lips. Informal tests with employees and users have shown the 13A0 at PepperCare can even be applied under the arms, or in the genital region (topically of course) without the user feeling any heat whatsoever.

Even around the eyes its a tiny tingling that lasts barely a few seconds, and you have to literally rub it into your eyelid to make it happen. And as far your lips, it's like when you eat spicy chicken wings they affect your lips, but without cream, you only feel the lips tingling for seconds, and then it's gone. We've honed this formula into a real capsaicin breakthrough," adds Steve Fellows, a SiCap employee.

Fellows are one of the millions of people who experience Winter Itch" which is a problem every year when the windows get closed, and the heat goes on. When his employer first started testing PepperCare, Fellows volunteered to try it since nothing else has really ever worked.

I've tried it all. Over the counter, prescription. Some of them helped for sure, but nothing ever took my itching completely away. The first time I tried PepperCare it stopped my itching immediately. I was shocked. It works so fast on any itch that it makes everything else seem ineffective," says Fellows.

In addition to its healing and conditioning properties, SiCap management claims their pepper-based skin conditioning cream also reduces lines and wrinkles, or as they say in the cosmetic biz, the appearance thereof". Moreover, SiCaps president says his company guarantees PepperCare will stop any itch within seconds, or they'll give the user a full refund.

It's all about stopping the itch so the skin has a chance to heal. What happens is most therapies cannot fully stop itching and irritation so the patient continues to scratch and rub and pick at the affected areas. With our cream, the itching is stopped right away, and the inflammation starts lessening within about twenty minutes of the first application. Then with repeated applications, the other herbals in the formula can penetrate the skin and completely heal the condition within a matter of weeks depending on the severity. We known nothing works for one hundred percent of patients especially with something as varied as chronic skin conditions, but well put peppercare up against anything out there -- OTC or prescription," exclaims Perry.

Another thing that SiCaps management claims as exclusive" to their PepperCare formula is the amounts of active herbal ingredients used. For instance, everyone knows Vitamin E and Jojoba are good for your skin, but the vast majority of manufacturers add barely a percentage of a percentage merely to claim the ingredient on their labels. SiCaps president explains that you need a minimum of 1% for most herbals to be effective in a cream, and all of the PepperCare actives range from (1 -- 3) percent. According to SiCaps president, those formulation numbers add a distinct advantage to the PepperCare formula when it comes to relieving chronic dermatitis and itching.

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