Chile Protects Against Aspirin & Ulcers

It has been found that chile protects against the side effects of aspirin and chile eaters develop fewer peptic ulcers than those who eat plain foods. Also, rates of stomach cancer are unusually low in countries where chile peppers are part of a regular diet, as capsaicin appears to neutralize some carcinogens.

Research has proven that adding chile peppers to your foods can help your body burn calories faster (up to 45 calories more per meal than if you eat bland dishes) and speed up your metabolism. Chile peppers are an incredible replacement for the fat and salt in your diet as the flavors of the foods are enhanced sufficiently with the ingredients themselves.

When people eat hotter chiles, they experience pain in their mouths and throats. The nervous system reacts to the pain by releasing morphine-like endorphins. Mmmmmmm…morphine. Endorphins create a sense of euphoria similar to the "runner's high" that some people get from exercise. But since I don't exercise, I will liken it to a good old-fashioned romp in the sack with Suzie Hot Pants! People who regularly eat chiles will find that they develop a tolerance to the heat and will have to eat increasingly hotter foods to get high. Fresh chiles offer the highest source of vitamin C available from any vegetable.

Surprisingly, fresh, uncooked green chiles provide at least twice and up to eight times the amount that is available from citrus fruits. Chiles are also a good source of vitamin A. As chiles turn from green to red, they lose much of their vitamin C but gain vitamin A through increased amounts of carotene. When fresh chiles are dried they lose most of their vitamin C content, but their vitamin A content increases 100 times. In addition to adding great flavor to food that thrills the palate, chiles offer the world some amazing health benefits.

Medical research continues into the medicinal powers of peppers through scientific studies and clinical trials. In the years to come, perhaps society can blend the knowledge of the ancient cultures with modern medicine and arrive at a balance that ensures the prevention of disease and the promotion of good health, using every means at our disposal. Chiles are not only "hot" in popularity and flavor but have proven to be very "healthy" as well.

As if the perfect balance of heat and award-winning flavor isn't enough, here are a few other reasons to eat Hot Sauce with every meal.

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