Still not ready for the beach? Try cayenne pepper

The calendar says it’s time to peel off the extra layers and head outside

It’s been a long, long year for most of us. If you’re still not feeling it, there’s a pretty easy way to shed a few extra pounds before the summer season kicks off in full swing. We’re not talking about some crazy fad diet where you give up all the good stuff and starve yourself to drop a few pounds, either. In this case, you use a natural compound, in something we all love, to speed up your metabolism, curb your appetite and start burning calories without worrying about going completely hard-core at the gym.

If it sounds too easy to be true, it isn’t.

We’re talking about taking a climb up the hot pepper scale with cayenne pepper. Sure, it’s a great addition to any snack or meal, but it turns out the capsaicin in peppers can help reduce the cravings and make you feel fuller faster so you don’t overdo it on extra calories. It’s been studied several times, and the results look promising. Because cayenne pepper is so spicy, when you eat a hot pepper your body’s temperature rises. When that happens, you start burning calories. In studies, not only did eating hot peppers help raise a person’s metabolic rate, but it also helped suppress their appetite. If you’re feeling full already, you’re less likely to overeat and stuff yourself with unnecessary calories. When you start consuming less calories, it only makes sense that you start losing weight.

While eating cayenne peppers alone isn’t the magic solution to weight loss it can certainly help to climb up the spice scale. When you combine it with other healthy decisions, like drinking plenty of water, including more healthy choices in your diet and adding in some exercise, you’re already on the track to better health, and potentially a leaner you come this summer.

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