Feel The Burn, Lose The Pounds


You likely already know about the burn of exercise to lose the pounds, but what if you could lose weight by adding a little something to your diet?

It seems you may be able to lose the extra pounds by feeling the burn of hot sauce. That’s right, it appears a little extra spice doesn’t just flavor your food, it may actually help your body burn fat. At least that’s according to a study looking at the benefits of spicing up your diet with hot peppers.

Researchers out of Wyoming discovered that people may be able to lose weight by eating more chili peppers.

While eating hot peppers isn’t exactly like sweating off the extra pounds in the gym, it does have to do with something called thermogenesis, which turns up your body’s heat, affecting your metabolism and your ability to burn fat. Researchers put mice on a high-fat diet but noticed the mice stopped packing on weight when they added in chili peppers. The hottest chili peppers contain the most capsaicin and it’s suspected that capsaicin is what aids in your metabolism.

It seems eating hot peppers may translate to additional health benefits, as well. Other studies have shown that capsaicin targets certain forms of cancer, plus helps curb heart disease and perhaps even leads to a longer life. In the past, it’s also shown promise in helping people deal with swelling and pain relief. To find the hottest hot sauce on the market, be sure to check the Scoville Heat Units or SHUs in a product. This will give you a better idea of just how hot a product to expect. Not only will a high SHU add some kick to your diet, but possibly give you a little extra boost in the battle of the bulge.

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