Want Better Skin And Hair? Pile On The Hot Sauce!


It’s no secret that hot sauce can spice up your dinner table, but what if we told you it could also improve your skin and even your hair?

It’s not only possible, but some researchers believe it’s already happening. From better skin to better hair, it turns out hot peppers and hot sauce can really pack a punch when it comes to giving your appearance a boost, as well as your health.

Cayenne pepper in particular, which has been used as a spice around the world for centuries now, is commonly used to treat certain medical conditions. It’s reported that in more recent years too, some people have used it to try and combat hair loss. Not only is cayenne pepper packed with Vitamin A, but it’s also said to contain fiber and potassium, as well. Some studies show that it helps to stimulate hair follicles, thereby helping with hair growth, especially beneficial to those losing hair because of stress.

While more studies are needed to for sure make a definite link, its certainly encouraging news.

Some people recommend mixing in cayenne pepper to things like honey or making a mix of pepper, eggs and olive oil, then putting it on your scalp as an easy way to add some shine and volume to your hair. Vitamin C, of course, is also a key ingredient to look for. You’ll find that the ghost pepper, habanero, and other certain chili peppers are all good sources of Vitamin C. It’s also said that capsaicin, which puts the “hot” in hot peppers, may even help with the burning and itching sensation caused by some types of psoriasis and shingles, both common and sometimes painful skin conditions. If you look closely you’ll find that some pain ointments already on the market contain capsaicin as an ingredient.

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