Heat Up The Holiday Season With Spicy Flavors


The holidays are full of flavor, from tempting appetizers to sweet desserts and, of course, the filling main course.

The holiday season, however, doesn’t have to just tempt your sweet tooth. There are plenty of ways to heat up the holidays and add some spice to everything from your upcoming parties to your upcoming Christmas feast.

It’s time to add some sugar and some spice to the party season.

This could mean everything from a hot sauce-topped peanut brittle to a spicy hot brownie or cookie that takes dessert season to an entirely new level. As for appetizers, try some spicy shrimp with a hot dipping sauce or some spicy buffalo chicken dip. Just choose your favorite hot sauce and let your imagination do the work. For example, Christmas morning is a real treat for the kids, but that doesn’t mean leaving out the grownups. If you want to start your holiday off right, try baking up a hot sauce-infused breakfast casserole that puts the rest to shame.

Green bean casserole is a favorite on many tables this time of year too, but it doesn’t have to be ordinary. Try adding in some zesty hot sauce to your next batch to give your guests a real treat. Even normally bland stuffing can be turned extraordinary with a dose of extra spice. If you plan on preparing a traditional Christmas ham, try adding some real flavor by topping it with a puree. Even if turkey is on the menu for another season you don’t have to worry about bland flavors. When it’s time to rethink all those leftovers, try adding some extra zip by mixing some fiery ghost pepper sauce into your turkey pot pie or adding some real kick to your turkey sandwich and the rest of your late-night Christmas snack.

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