How Cayenne Pepper Can Help You Quit Smoking

Instead of taking that next puff on your cigarette, make the decision to quit once and for all and look to the tools that can help you.

You’ve tried everything, you say? How about cayenne peppers?

The link to quitting smoking and cayenne peppers has something to do with the similar cessations you get from smoking a cigarette and eating a hot pepper.

You see when you addicted smokers take a drag on a cigarette it excites their brains and elevates their mood - much in the same way when you eat spicy foods. For example, when you eat a cayenne pepper it produces endorphins in your body that quickly gives you that “elated” feeling. This is important when trying to quit smoking as incorporating cayenne pepper and other spicy foods in your diet can help prevent smokers from relapsing.

Here are some other ways cayenne pepper can help with the quit smoking process:

• cayenne pepper can help curb appetite which is the main concern of smokers who tend to gain weight using food as their oral therapy
• cayenne pepper is a natural detox, allowing all toxins to be brought to the surface and out of the skin - this can help when trying to detox the body from nicotine thus repressing cravings.
• cayenne pepper helps to detoxify the lungs and makes the respiratory system less sensitive to nicotine, making the cravings less.
• cayenne pepper contains a good dose of Vitamin C and E which helps the body quickly rebuild after smoking.
• sniffing the vapors from a hot chili pepper is said to prevent nicotine cravings

Don’t forget to contact your health practitioner before you start any quit smoking remedies.

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