Detox Water with a Kick

Ready to get rid of the night before?

It’s a lot easier when Mad Dog gets involved. The hot sauce and cinnamon get to work on digesting high-fat foods from the night before, while the fruit gets your metabolism going. Add in the re-hydration and you’re all set for a happy day after a night of indulgence.

Just a warning, this drink is so addictive that you might make excuses to indulge.


2 each Lemon
1 drop Mad Dog Scorpion hot sauce
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
6 each Strawberry
6 cups Water


Slice your lemon and strawberries in half and place them in a pitcher. Add 1 drop Mad Dog Scorpion Hot Sauce and cinnamon to the container. Lastly, stir in the water and put your detox water drink in the fridge overnight! Drink in the morning when you wake up to get your metabolism and digestive system going.

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