The Amazing Added Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Sure, cayenne pepper can be used for flavor, but it turns out the pepper has some other amazing benefits.

From headache relief to weight loss, there’s something to be said about this incredible superfood. Cayenne pepper is packed with vitamins E, C, manganese, potassium, and B6, but it’s the capsaicin that makes it so incredible in terms of its medicinal properties. It’s thought cayenne pepper can help relieve joint stiffness, fight diabetes, and even alleviate pain.

Speaking of your joints, some people use cayenne peppers as a joint remedy.

All you need is three medium-sized peppers and some olive oil. Chop up the peppers and add in some extra virgin olive oil to the top of a double broiler with some water on the bottom. After it simmers for a while, cool it down and strain it into a jar. You can then massage a little of the oil onto your stiff and sore joints. You may be surprised to hear cayenne pepper can help with toothaches, too. Take some ground cayenne pepper and mix it into some strong whiskey. Shake it a little each day for a couple of weeks. When your toothache flairs up, just put a small amount of the mixture onto a cotton ball, then apply it directly to your tooth. It dulls the pain and encourages more blood flow.

Cayenne pepper can also help with cluster headaches.

Mix a little ground cayenne into some warm water, then dip a cotton swab into the mixture. Apply it to the inside of both nostrils until it starts slightly burning. Once the stinging in your nose subsides, hopefully the headache does too. Finally, cayenne pepper can potentially help with weight loss. By introducing more of into your diet, you may feel fuller and see your appetite reduced. Luckily, it’s easy to enjoy the hot pepper scale, peppering your meal with more flavor, and potentially resulting in some health benefits, too.

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