What’s The Healthiest Choice? Chili Peppers Take On Fruits & Veggies


All your life you’ve probably heard it’s important to eat your fruits and veggies! Sure, they’re a great part of any healthy diet, but what if you could get even a bigger.

Boost to your health by choosing one particular option out here? We’re talking, of course, about chili peppers. Not only do they certainly pack a punch of flavor, but also peppers are extremely rich in certain vitamins and minerals.

Take, for example, Vitamin A.

It’s good for your immune system, plus it helps your skin, your vision and in promoting healthy bones. While the tasty watermelon contains about 31-percent Vitamin A, the cayenne pepper contains 44-percent! In the case of Vitamin B-6, which helps your liver, skin, and hair, as well as in converting food into energy, the simple banana contains about 21-percent. In comparison, the Serrano pepper contains 25-percent. The odds get even better for Vitamin C. While the average orange, a good source of the vitamin needed for healthy bones, teeth, and your immune system, contains about 85-percent, the jalapeno pepper contains a whopping 177-percent Vitamin C!

So what about all those important minerals out there? Chili peppers are often a good source of them too. Iron helps combat fatigue and metabolizes protein. Raisins contain about four-percent while poblano peppers pack in about 10-percent. In the case of magnesium, the spread is about two-to-one! An avocado contains 42 mg while a chipotle pepper contains about 88 mg. It helps with your blood pressure level and in normalizing blood sugar. Finally, don’t discount the habanero pepper, either. When it comes to potassium, necessary for muscle strength, plus in controlling anxiety and stress, the habanero pepper holds about 128 mg. Meanwhile, the cucumber contains only about 76 mg. So, for a healthy alternative, don’t miss out on adding peppers to your next meal!

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