Can Mad Dog hot sauce bridge the generational divide?

No matter which generation you find yourself in, it’s difficult to understand older and younger generations.

If you get judgy about it, you’re not alone. Most people do. The older ones need to adapt to the new ways; the younger ones should’ve retained some of our values.

 That’s just how it is.

That’s also why it’s fantastic when something, anything bridges the generational gap. You’ll get a few movies or shows that spark conversation between generations. There are some traditions that are passed fairly seamlessly through families.

And, yes, dare we say it, we think Mad Dog hot sauces can also bridge the gap.

Just take a look at all the videos we’ve got of people trying explosive hot sauces with their family – yep that includes kids too.

Hot sauce consumption has been growing over the years, driven, in part, by millennials that want an experience, not just something to eat. Gen-Xers, in turn, have benefited from market growth. And, the up-and-coming generation seems poised to expect experiences and to make their own mark on the world as early as possible.

This is how you cross generations with a single condiment. And Mad Dog is ready to make hot sauce accessible across the board. It’s the range of fire (erm, the Scoville Scale) that makes all the difference. You can basically choose your level of engagement, making it easier to find something that appeals to a wide range of ages.

Need something mild for lunch with your grandfather? Go for Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost. Desperate to impress your kid with your amazing will power? Obviously, you’re going to want Plutonium on the menu. (Actually, you know, on a toothpick.) And in the middle, there’s an impressive range of sauces, from Scorpion to Mad Dog’s Original 357,000 Scoville hot sauce.

Ready to bridge the generation gap?

Whichever Mad Dog hot sauce you pick, you can expect punishing fire and freaking amazing flavor. So, you may as well pick up a few different sauces to test your range – and that of your grandfather.

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