Why You Need More than 1 Bottle of Hot Sauce


Ever been at someone’s place for dinner or a BBQ, asked for hot sauce and been presented with their only bottle of something resembling hot sauce?

You know, it says hot sauce on the label, but since there aren’t any frightening depictions of death or destruction, you can’t really trust it. And, after slathering your food with it, you know it’s not for you.

In fact, you knew straight away when you asked for hot sauce and were told, “we don’t really like spicy food.”

Okay, we’re not making judgment calls on your friends – or that you attempted to leave for an eating engagement without your own supply of hot sauce in tow. We’re using this as an example of how to be a better chili head.

Obviously, you need more than one bottle of hot sauce in your house. And, here are just a few reasons why.

You Want the Right Hot Sauce for Every Meal

We love, cherish and devour each Mad Dog hot sauce we have, but we know that some hot sauces are better for some recipes or meals than others.

Moreover, there are few things more disappointing than not having the right heat level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re presented with something far too mild or a super hot sauce that prevents you from taking another bite of food for several days; both instances are highly disappointing.

And that means a single bottle of hot sauce won’t cut it. Ever.

One Bottle to Give Away

Have you ever transformed an ordinary civilian into a chili head by presenting them with the right hot sauce at the right moment? It’s an extraordinary feeling. It’s even better when you’re able to present that person with the first hot sauce for their collection.

Hell, it can even be an established chili head. There’s something about sharing the fire that makes your obsession with super hot sauces even more rewarding. So, you need a bottle to share. And, yes, it’s always better if: it’s an unopened bottle and you’ve got a spare kicking around the kitchen for yourself.

Everyone Needs Backup

If you have a single bottle of hot sauce and someone knocks it off the table, breaking the bottle and spilling it everywhere, you’re in trouble. For a start, you’ve got to make sure you clean it all – especially if there are pets or kids in the house.

But it also means that it’s gone. How will you enjoy the next meal or midnight snack without that Scoville sting? It’s a terrifying prospect, isn’t it?

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