Do Hot Sauces Scare the Hell out of You?

We’ve met people who politely decline the hot sauce we pour over everything we eat.

We don’t understand them, mind you, but we’ve met them.

In fact, there’s a word for the fear of spicy food. (To be clear, Mad Dog hot sauces are hot and spicy, but you get the point). It’s Aromaphobia. And, you’re welcome if that ever comes up on trivia night.

So what scares people off from enjoying hot sauce?

We’ve got a couple of ideas:

1. Sweating profusely from the forehead. This is a real thing. There are people that develop forehead sweats when they eat fiery foods. Again, if you’re wondering, it’s called Gustatory perspiration. Actually, that word refers to sweating during or after eating, and yeah, some poor souls get it whenever they eat anything. If that’s you, then hot sauces shouldn’t scare you specifically. If you’re going to sweat, you may as well enjoy it.

2. Coughs, hiccups and tears. These are far more common reactions to capsaicin-laden foods. In fact, they’re rather normal. While coughing and hiccupping are uncomfortable sensations, tears are a part of life. Ever sliced an onion? Get over it and enjoy your favorite hot sauces. We’ll shed a few tears if you don’t.  

3. Is it the pain? Yeah, super hot sauces cause some pain in your mouth. Your lips will feel like they’re dripping fire, your tongue may tell you that it’s about to explode; but, neither of these things are happening. In fact, once you realize you can control your brain through the experience, it’s rather fun fighting through the pain. We say this is a totally beatable fear.

4. Worried about ulcers? If it feels like it’s burning a hole in your mouth, what will it do to your stomach? You may have even heard one of those Aromaphobes claim that chili peppers give you ulcers. They’re wrong, of course… about so many things. Capsaicin is actually beneficial for certain types of ulcers. It’s also being investigated as a cure for cancer. And that’s one hell of a reason to get over whatever fear someone might have about super hot sauces.

5. Choosing the wrong hot sauce. If you’re anything like us, choosing the wrong one is your biggest hot sauce fear. We can help you overcome that fear quickly. Whether you’re headed out for fast food and you need to know which bottle to bring with or you want to know which Mad Dog hot sauce pairs best with your favorite food, we’ve got your back (or, rather, your mouth). Of course, we’ve also got a slew of recipes for you to experiment with too.

Now, say it 3 times: “I’m not afraid of hot sauces.” Then, order your favorite for delivery straight to your door.


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