Feeling old? Reach for Mad Dog super hot sauce


Maybe the kids said something that made you a little outdated.

Perhaps you didn’t bounce back from that summer cold as quickly as you should’ve. Or, it could be all the candles blazing on your birthday cake this year.

If you’re feeling old, it’s time to reach for a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce. Think of it as your own private (but totally share-worthy) fountain of youth.

With each tiny drop of the world’s hottest hot sauces (or extracts if you really need your youth in the most concentrated form possible), you’ll feel younger. It may even make you appear more youthful. At the very least hot sauces are fantastic for you and your diet, so there’s no harm in trying.

Youth for the long run

Super hot sauces on their ace aren’t going to slow the aging process. While the high levels of capsaicin on the inside are going to help more than a mild sauce will, it’s not a miracle cure. But, each drop offers your body benefits, including:

• Vitamins and plenty of them, especially vitamin C.
• Short thermogenic increases which help you transform your food into energy rather than fat.
• Appetite suppression when you’re full.
• Metabolic boosts.
• Increased circulation and heart protection.

And that’s just the boring stuff.

When you’re feeling old, the real depths of a super hot sauce are realized by your brain. That rush of endorphins you get, better known as the super hot sauce high, will restore you almost instantly.

This is the fountain of youth.

Sure, you’ll cry a bit. Yeah, you’ll dance around the room. But, as soon as that’s over (in roughly 10 minutes), it’ll be as if you just dusted the cobwebs from your mind. Plus, you’ll have just given your face a hell of a workout. So, it’s like a win all the way around.

Moreover, you’re going to regain respect – whether it was your own self-doubt you were battling, or the kids said something to make you question yourself.

In other words, when you’re done with the tears (real and metaphorical), you’ll look freaking cool. That’s a win.

What to do with that bottle of Mad Dog super hot sauce

If you’re not the adventurous sort, you could use your favorite Mad Dog super hot sauce in a totally grown-up recipe, like this Scorching BLT Panzanella Salad.

But, if you’re grasping for the promised fountain of youth, we suggest taking it a step further. Reach into your teen years with these homemade Roaring Pizza Rolls. Or, go all the way back to the beginning with frozen treats like these Cucumber Chili Pops. They’re the new level of cool.

Us? We’d double down with a late-night poker party and these killer Poker Face Pressed Bacon Cubano sandwiches. They’re so $*%!ing good we can’t even spell it out.

The question isn’t whether you feel old anymore, is it? It’s more about how quickly you can get your hands on a Mad Dog super hot sauce, right?

Find your fountain of youth

Take the plunge. At least, take the challenge. Who doesn’t want to feel younger and enjoy life more? And if a little super hot sauce can do that, you’ll want to…

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