Home remedies that help combat acidity


You may think there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing...

But sometimes your body doesn’t always agree with what your mind’s telling you. Take spicy food. Sure, the extra spice tastes great, but sometimes when you go overboard on extra spicy food or sugary and salty snacks, you end up dealing with the problem of acidity. Your stomach’s gastric glands produce acid, which you need for digestion. When there’s too much acidity, though, you start feeling some pain or a burning sensation in the chest.

These aren’t the only things that lead to acidity.

It can also happen if you eat right before you go to bed, you overdo it on the coffee, tea and carbonated drinks, or you eat at irregular times. Luckily, there are some easy home remedies that can help. One of the easiest things you can to is to avoid late night meals. You don’t want to lay down right after you eat either. When you do sleep, try to keep your head raised. Another easy remedy is to drink a glass of fresh buttermilk.

Of course, there are a few home remedies that are a bit more unusual

But they may just work. You can try soaking five dried raisins in water overnight. When you wake up, eat them before you eat anything else. A sweet preserve called Gulkand mixed in with water can also help. One more possible solution is a type of tea. You make it by mixing black pepper, crushed black cardamom, turmeric, fennel, tulsi leaves, and cloves with water. You boil it, strain it, and drink it. While it’s probably best to check with your doctor if you’re having major pains, these easy home remedies may help you feel better and leave you in a better position to enjoy the tastes you love the most.

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