Hot sauce cures junk food cravings

Pizza. Chips. Hot dogs. Whatever your junk food craving, it’s damned difficult to give it up even when you know you should.

Okay, we’re not saying you need to give up all your fave junk foods. We’re only saying that if you feel you should, then it’s crazy hard to do.

But, besides ditching the idea of letting go of all the salty, fried foods you love, there is a solution. It’s found in that bottle of hot sauce you’ve got laying around. (Or, to be fair, in the several bottles of super-hot sauces you’ve been collecting.)

This isn’t a joke. Hot sauce totally cures junk food cravings.

The powerful capsaicin found inside chili peppers and super hot sauces acts in a multitude of ways to help you say no when that’s what you want to do.

Capsaicin tricks your brain into believing you’re full – even when you might not be. And, it helps you maintain this sensation longer. Since people are most likely to turn towards their favorite junk foods when they feel as though they’re starving, this can only be a good thing.

With all the flavor you’ll find in a damn good hot sauce, you might just be able to trick yourself into choosing something a little healthier as long as you can cover it in hot sauce.

If you do end up consuming your nemesis foods (you know, in moderation), you’ll burn a lot more of those calories straight away rather than storing them as fat. While it doesn’t do anything to make these foods healthy, it’s a compromise you must live with from time to time.

Plus, there are plenty of people that lose the urge to eat when they’re on a hot sauce high. If you’re one of them, then a little dab of super hot sauce or extract will put you back on the right path at any time of the day.

Got a craving?

Whether you’re craving a super hot sauce or you need something to keep you on the healthy eating path, Mad Dog is the way to satisfy that itch

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