Coffee, Red Bull or super hot sauce?

Ever need to stay awake late into the night (erm, early hours of the morning)?

Sometimes find yourself requiring an energy boost just to get you through the morning (whether you’ve had a good night’s sleep or not)?

If the answer to either question is yes… you’re just like everyone else.

It’s just how you choose to deal with that fatigue that varies from person to person.

There are those that turn to coffee, all day, every day. You know these people – and we’d bet you could name half a dozen before you get to the end of this sentence. It’s hardly a rare group, and it becomes even wider when you consider those that have their two cups of morning coffee at the same time every day.

With energy drinks, like Red Bull, continuing to grace the refrigerated shelves of our convenience stores, you can bet there’s a whole generation of people turning in this direction for their caffeine fix. On the plus side, they’re pretty darn good mixed with hard liquor which makes them a strong choice for late-nighters rather than early-mornings (though there are some concerns about how good they are for you really).

And both of these have their merits, but when you really need a boost, we’d argue that you don’t need the caffeine at all. Rather, you could turn towards a tempting chili pepper or Mad Dog hot sauce to get you going.

It’s a hell of a lot more versatile. Just take a look:

At breakfast, hot sauces are delicious on eggs, bacon, and sausages. And, a little chili jam on toast is a fast, easy way to get out the door on a high note.
At lunch, you can drink water, which is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body while adding your favorite hot sauce to whatever the meal of the day is. Ditto for dinner.

Cocktails with hot sauces are way more electrifying than hard coffees or shots chased by energy drinks.

The difference is that you’re not bothering with caffeine to get you going. Instead, you’re waiting for the rush of feel-good hormones that are triggered in your brain whenever you eat chili peppers or swallow a swig of Mad Dog hot sauces. That’s right, it’s totally natural. And since you’re consuming a low-fat, low-calorie, vitamin-rich food, you can do it all day, every day if you please.

That’s something we’ll take any day. At the very least, it offers a little more wiggle room to imbibe in our other guilty pleasures. Who doesn’t want that?

Need a kick to get you going?

It’s time to treat yourself to your favorite Mad Dog hot sauces. They’ll give you a boost – not to mention plenty of fire and flavor. Basically, you’ll get all things good in each and every bottle.

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